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Based upon a friend's recommendation I visited Cherokee Tire, Canton, Ga for the first time today. Derek assisted me. I needed new tires for my F150 Ford truck. Derek recommend Toyo tires and quoted me a very fair price. I also told him I needed a 4 wheel brake job, based upon recommendation of my Ford dealer 6 weeks ago. They were through with my truck in less than 40 min after my arrival. Derek gave me the final price and I knew that did not include the brake job. When I asked about that he told me I did not need new brakes at this time and that they would re-check them when I returned for my 5,000 mile tire rotation. Derek said they were perfectly safe and I had nothing to worry about. This is exactly why I sought out a recommendation for a good tire dealer. Obviously they could have replaced my brakes today, charged me another $300+ and I would have been none the wiser. I appreciate their honesty and will happily return with my future tire business. If you are looking for a tire dealer that will not take advantage of you, that will treat you honestly and fairly, check out Cherokee Tire Service in Canton, Ga.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Jasper, Ga), April 26, 2016